Use of AI

To create the graphics for some of my novels, I leverage cutting-edge AI technology as a pivotal assistive tool, incorporating it into my creative process. My process begins with AI-generated illustrations crafted through meticulous prompting, rerolling, and tweaking using advanced platforms like MidJourney and Dall-e3. 

This is an iterative process akin to the numerous sketches an artist does, and this process allows me to establish the best visual expression of my creativity. 

Each AI-generated illustration then undergoes a transformation to help bring the vibrant world of my stories to life.

I am committed to utilising AI in a manner that enhances creative expression and works in harmony with artists. I don't use artist names in the prompting sequences. As an independent artist I am committed to innovating within the ethical boundaries of AI assistance, ensuring that each image captures the essence of my stories. This approach has allowed me to provide character and universe depictions that resonate with my readers.