The Printed Art Set
The Printed Art Set
The Printed Art Set
The Printed Art Set

The Printed Art Set

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Want to add luscious swag to your deluxe edition?

This is the same art as was in the 'Deluxe Hardcover + printed art' tier. 

  • Four 4x6 printed art cards featuring the princess, the stablehand, the prince charming, and the kiss from the happy ever after.
  • Three colouring pages featuring the ramshackle little Veridi castle, the dragon, and the baby dragon. 
  • Four vellum inserts with colour character art featuring the princess, the stablehand, a gorgeous illustration of the dragon, and an adorable baby dragon!
  • A double-sided bookmark featuring some of the gorgeous artwork from the case laminate and a stunning illustration of the dragon


Ships Aug 2024

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