Razor's Edge Chronicles Ebooks 4-7 + Prequel Novella Bundle
Character card for 'Touched by Magic', an Asian Urban Fantasy novel by Celine Jeanjean, featuring Apiya Chapman with her black cat Tim against a mystical street backdrop of Panong, embodying the vibrant and supernatural essence of the story

Razor's Edge Chronicles Ebooks 4-7 + Prequel Novella Bundle

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"Captivating characters, fast-paced action, quick and snarky dialogue, and absolutely the best sarcasm I have enjoyed recently." - Sandra ★★★★★

Complete the Razor's Edge Chronicles series!

Marked by Azurite: 

One minute, Apiya’s looking into her magical heritage, the next she’s squared off against an angry pontianak, with no more magic than a sparkle. Maybe she should stick to haircuts…

Hidden by Jade: 

Imagine trying to locate your missing friend with nothing but limited magic and a stick of magical incense. That's where you’ll find Apiya as she searches for Ilmu. Except that of course she stumbles into an abyss of trouble that makes her prior dilemmas look like a walk in the park.

Chained by Memory: 

Apiya does seem to have a knack for diving headfirst into danger. She finds herself in Bhutan, up against a possessed weretiger, and her magic's about as effective as a wet match.

Changed by Trust: 

The thrilling conclusion to the series. Apiya goes on her first proper date with Sarroch. Except that soon after she ends up drugged and chained, and forced to collaborate with Yue to escape. Which is a bit like trying to cuddle a rabid dog.

Found by Rain - prequel novella: 

Find out how Apiya met Mr Sangong, and how she became a barber to the supernatural. This prequel novella can be read at any point within the series. 

🔥Grab this 5 ebook bundle (4 full length novels & 1 prequel novella) to follow Apiya until the conclusion of her adventures. Oh, and don’t get offended if Tim throws some sass your way…🐈‍⬛

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    Hi! I'm Celine

    I write different flavours of fantasy with a twist, but always with one uniting thread: quirky, flawed characters and heart-warming found families.

    My books span the sub-genres of steampunk (but set in a secondary, tropical world) urban fantasy (set in Asia and London) and gothic gaslamp fantasy.

    I'm French, grew up in the UK, and for the last few years I've been living a life of nomadic adventure, exploring the world with my laptop as my constant companion. My adventures have been a great source of inspiration for my stories.

    These days I'm trying to figure out where in the world I might stop and setup some bookshelves.

    I love to hear from readers, so feel free to contact me at celine@celinejeanjean.com.

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